About Us



(From Left to Right: Nic Wright, Dameon Gant, William Gant Jr., Durell Martin)


The Hood Hopz LA Story

Hood Hopz LA is a black-owned craft beer brewery based out of South Central Los Angeles.  We want to educate and promote craft beer in the urban community because we feel there is a giant gap that needs to be filled.

The idea was created out of boredom, during the beginning of quarantine (March 2020). Our self-taught brewer William Gant Jr. was looking up YouTube Videos on how to craft and brew your own beer. He became intrigued and presented the idea of creating a black-owned brewery to his brother Dameon Gant and childhood friends Nic Wright and Durell Martin.  We all laughed at the idea at first, but as we brewed our first batch, it actually came out flavorful and refreshing.

We started trying many different local craft beers to critique them down to a science. We also saw a huge gap between the craft beer industry and people of color. Many of us have not even been to an actual craft brewery and did not even know there were different categories of beers. Simply put, many people of color are not as knowledgeable about the craft beer industry and beer, in general, and we found out there are only a handful of black owned craft breweries.

We feel it is important that we carry out that mission with our top shelf beer and we are motivated to ensure that our community becomes more knowledgeable in the process. The vision is to create jobs, expand the economy around us, and promote our ideals and principles to every neighborhood!